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November 28, 2015:
Great Expectations

“You’ve cursed me Sarah…” I groaned my face planted on the library table. “There is no escape from this curse you’ve placed on me.”

“Oh stop being such a drama queen! You make my daughters look sensible!” Sarah replied not looking up from her magazine. “What did I supposedly do to you this time?”

I raised my head just enough to shoot a glare towards Sarah who sat unimpressed behind her magazine. “You’ve made me paranoid!” I argued. “You and all your talk about ‘You like her! She’s so sweet!’ We had such a good thing going and now I can barely talk with her without getting tongue tied!”

“Draaaamaaa Queeen!” my sister hummed. Seeing that I wasn’t so amused she let out a small sigh before continuing. “Don’t be like that. Nothing I did would’ve made you feel nervous if you didn’t have feelings going on already. Besides! I don’t want you being single all your life! You don’t handle solitude well.”

We both sat silent for a minute both deep in thought. As the silence didn’t break, Sarah put down her magazine and moved to the chair beside me.

“What is it that YOU want?” she asked. “Do you have anything against being with a girl like Lisa?”

Her question admittedly caught me off guard. I was expecting more arguments about not knowing what’s best for myself or taking things too seriously. This response had left me flustered. “No it’s not that.” I stumbled going red in the face. “It’s just…” I struggled for a second wondering myself what it was that I wanted. “I just don’t want to lose her.” It was no use. I couldn’t get my words in order. I would just have to let my brain run its course alongside my words and hope it made sense in the end. “She’s an amazing friend." I started. “She’s smart, funny, kind, and I’ve always felt really comfortable talking with her. I don’t know her amazingly or anything, but… it feels like we’ve known each other all our lives. There’s just this ease I feel around her that I don’t want to lose. I know myself. I’m not romantic, I’m klutzy, I trip over my words, and I overthink everything! I know that if I let my mind go into relationship mode then I’m going to scare her away and I don’t want that. I just want this friendship we have to last… even if it’s just for a bit longer.”

I looked up to see my sister looking at me. I couldn’t tell if it was humor or adoration in her eyes, but either way I seemed to have said something she was hoping for. “Then be her friend.” Sarah replied with a satisfied grin.

“You make it sound so easy!” I groaned

“That’s because it easy!” Sarah retorted. “Look! If you go through life wondering ‘Oh is she the one? Isn’t she the one?’ you’re going to ruin your friendship! When we look at people as potentials to date all we do is focus on our list of what we want and don’t want… and what we think we deserve and don’t deserve. But when you just try to be a friend to someone you look past that. You suddenly don’t have a checklist to be distracted by but instead see the parts of a person that you never thought to look for. If you’re meant to be together, it will happen, but if you’re not, at least you got to enjoy a truly rich friendship this way. So just relax already!”

I was unsure how to react to this. This was surprisingly deep and well thought out for Sarah. I mean there’s no way that it could really be this simple could it? But…. As hard as I tried, what she said seemed to make sense.

“Hey Sarah?” I asked. “Do you think Lis…”

“OH HI LISA!” Sarah called out cutting me off. Shocked I turned around to see Lisa waving at us only a few feet away with some friends.

“Thank you Sarah I owe you one.” I thought to myself as I tried to force the blood back into my cheeks.

“Hey guys!” Lisa called back running up to us. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Oh just having some loving sibling time!” Sarah replied over exuberantly while pulling me into a side hug.

“Subtle Sarah, very subtle…” I was beginning to have second thoughts about the owing her one.

“Aww you two are sweet!” Lisa laughed. “Actually Rin, I was just about to text you. Do you mind if I borrow you for a bit?”

“Pfft! Don’t let me stop you.” Sarah exclaimed. “I had some stuff to do today anyways. You just can’t trust this younger brother of mine to be alone so I figured I’d make the sacrifice and look after him.”

“You are truly a noble person.” Lisa joked in return.

Sarah said her goodbyes and then began to stand up. Giving me a subtle wink she quickly fled the scene calling out, “Don’t keep him out too long! He gets cranky if he misses his bedtime!” Just Lisa and I were left behind.

“Your sister is so much fun!” Lisa cheerfully exclaimed.

“Oh yes, she is just a barrel of laughs.” I replied deflated. “So what is it you were wanting to
talk about?” I asked turning to Lisa. “Did you have a question about the project?”

Lisa shook her head. “No,” she replied, “it has nothing to do with school. I was wondering if you could help me with something else.”

Lisa’s face went a little red as she asked this. We had been hanging out quite a lot the past few months, but we had never done anything outside of schoolwork together. Could this be her way of saying she wanted to get to know me better? Or was my awkwardness at school showing too much and she wanted to make sure everything was alright? I HAD to find out!

“Sure!” I replied, maybe a touch more eagerly than I should have. “What’s on your mind?”
Lisa smiled, obviously relieved at my answer. “Thank you!” she replied. “Oh! First I’ll introduce you to the others!”

“Others?” I thought to myself. But before I had much time to think, Lisa had begun leading me to where the girls she had been with earlier were standing.

“So the prodigal cook arrives!” the first girl exclaimed. She was a tall girl, very athletic, and seemed very confident. “Seems like you’ve really caught Lisa’s eye the other night!”

“JORDAN!” Lisa cried out. Jordan apparently was a girl who didn’t hesitate speaking her mind.

“Jordan! You’re going to scare him away before he knows us if you aren’t careful!” the second girl scolded. She was about Lisa’s height, dressed well, and seemed rather studious. “Let’s try this again!” she said turning to me and reaching out her hand. “My name is Beth Anders. My enthusiastic friend there is Jordan Vaike, then there’s Kelly Chot, and of course you know Lisa.”

“Umm… a pleasure…” I replied not really certain what I had just gotten myself into. I turned to Lisa. She looked a little nervous, but when she noticed me looking at her she forced a weak smile.

“Lisa has explained the situation to you correct?” Beth asked.

Seeing me shake my head Beth shot a quick glare towards Lisa who quickly tried to explain. “I didn’t want to keep you all waiting any longer!” she replied. “So I figured it would be easier to explain it with you all here.”

Receiving a nod of understanding from Beth, Lisa turned back to me. “We’re all neighbors from farming families Rin.” She began. “Every year our families put on a special dinner to celebrate the Christmas season with some of our biggest customers as well as to raise awareness of our farms.
It’s not a massive event but there are a good number of families that arrive and it’s become a pretty important tradition for us.”

I nodded in acknowledgement still not entirely certain where this was all leading to. Lisa continued. “For the last few years my friends and I have been in charge of organizing the event, and it’s usually been pretty straight forward, but this year old man Jefferson is in the hospital after a skiing accident leaving us without a cook.”

“Thus where you come in.” Beth added giving me a suspicious glance.

“I know it’s a lot to ask on such short notice!” Lisa quickly replied, “But you did such a good time that one night, and your sister said you’re used to cooking for large parties of 30-60 so you were the only one I could think to ask! If you don’t want to do it than that totally makes sense but I just thought I…”

Lisa stopped as I put my hand on her shoulder. “Of course I’ll help you out!” How couldn’t I? It was easy to see that this meant a lot to Lisa, and she was right, it was something I had experience in. After all, Lisa and I were friends, and this is the kind of things a friend would do right? My sister was right. I didn’t need to get distracted by thoughts of relationships. It was just getting in the way of me enjoying the great friendship I had.

“Oh thank you!” Lisa cried out giving me a giant hug. “Oh!” she exclaimed quickly backing off again. “Sorry about that, that was a little uncalled for. I was just, really thankful.”

“That’s okay…” I replied a little flabbergasted. “Just focus on friendship. Just focus on friendship. Just focus on friendship.” I thought to myself repetitively.
Heart menders Chapter 5
Hey All, 

A while ago I was given a writing challenge to see if I could write a love story from the perspective of the guy instead of the girl. Romance isn't exactly my strongsuit (in life or writing) but the challenge was interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was just going to be a short 2 page story originally but... it's grown a bit since then and people were seeming to enjoy it so I thought I'd start posting it on here as well :) (Smile)

I'm not really certain how long this story will end up, and as I said before romance isn't really my strongsuit so please have patience with me on this :) (Smile) Hope this ends up something people enjoy, or at least can relate to a bit. I know it's been pretty fun for me!

November 6, 2015:

Ever since that day at the theme park, my relationship with Lisa has been entirely different. It was much easier to talk with her as she could still be a touch shy from time to time but the fear she used to have was gone. She would never hesitate to smile and wave at me if we passed in the hallways, and to my surprise we even had begun sitting together in class.

I was thankful to have a friend like Lisa. She was funny, smart, easy to relate to, and just always seemed to know what to say. Whenever we talked it just felt… right. I felt like I was talking with someone I had known my whole life. That being said, I had begun watching myself to make sure I didn’t talk to her too long at a time lest I scare her away again.

It was a sunny Friday evening which we had decided to spend together in the library working on our project. Being a group of two had resulted in a lot more of a workload than we had expected. We decided to make a social media app which would combine multiple social networks in one newsfeed. The concept was steady, but execution was proving to be difficult.

“What if we added a feature that let them post on multiple platforms at once?” I asked while debugging our latest version of the code.

“Good idea!” Lisa replied, “I’ll add that to the images needed for the new UI design.”

We were actually turning out to be quite the effective team. Wherever my skills were lacking, Lisa made up for it and vice versa.

“You two are together again?” I heard a voice from behind us exclaim. “Man, I’m better at matchmaking than even I knew!”

“Sarah?” I cried out turning around. “What are you doing here?”
My sister let out a laugh. “Don’t be cruel bro! You may not believe it but I can actually be quite the avid reader when I want to be!” Sarah leaned against the backs of our chairs looking at what we were working on.

“That’s not what I meant!” I tried to explain. “I just am surprised your work hasn’t called you out of the country again by now!”

“Well I had to settle down eventually…” Sarah replied as she picked up some of our notes. “Work wants to keep me close to home for a bit, so Trevor and I bought a condo and moved in.”
Sarah stared at the paper for about a minute before growing bored and turning her attention back to us. “So! You two are still hanging out even without big sisters’ begging you. That seems like a good sign!”

I felt my cheeks beginning to flush. My sister’s bluntness was always embarrassing to deal with, and I didn’t want to scare Lisa away after finally making it to speaking terms. “It’s not like that…” I managed to get out looking away. “We were actually assigned to a project together before you introduced us.”

“I see…” my sister replied intrigued. She held a thoughtful expression on her face for a second before turning to Lisa and asking, “Hey! Has my brother cooked you dinner yet?”

“WHAT!?” Lisa and I both cried out in unison. Rash or not, that question was a bit out of the blue for Sarah to ask!

“Oh! Didn’t you know? My brother’s actually quite the professional chef.” My sister chuckled. “We often have him prepare the meals for us during family events. Don’t know where he got it from… definitely wasn’t me.”

Lisa smiled as she shook her head. “No, I can’t say I’ve ever had the treat.” She turned her face towards me with a look halfway between mischievous and intrigue. “Your brother seems to be full of surprises the more I get to know him.”

“That’s what I keep telling him!” Sarah laughed. “Alright then! It’s settled!” my sister shouted.

“You and I are going to be treated to an amazing roast tonight courtesy of my brother! You had best not have anything planned tonight as this is something you do NOT want to miss! I know my brother is available! Besides, he still owes me for the fair ticket!”

Lisa thought for a second before looking at me and smiling. “I think I’d like that!” she replied to Sarah. “I’ll just need to call my parents first to explain I won’t be home for dinner!”

I managed to fake a smile until Lisa walked out of sight. Then turning to Sarah who had the most satisfied grin I’d ever seen on her face I whispered, “What are you trying to do!? I just got her to finally talk to me about a month ago! Now you’re going to scare her away again!”

Sarah gave out a chuckle. “Don’t worry bro.” She replied. “I know what I’m doing. A woman LOVES a man who can cook!” Giving me a proud smile she added, “You’re going to thank me for this one day!”
I leaned back in my chair and let out a heavy sigh. “You don’t get it. We’re not like that. She’s just a friend. I really good friend who I don’t want to lose.”

“Oh don’t give me that!” Sarah teased. “You totally like her! You can’t hide that from your sister! I know you too well!”

“I’m not like that!” I cried out. “I’m allowed to have a female friend I care about and respect without having a crush on them!”

Sarah shook her head before scruffing my hair. “Bro,” she chuckled in a surprisingly calm voice for her. “How can you be so intuitive about those around you, and yet so clueless to your own emotions?”

“We’re just friends!” I whispered loudly. I was about to continue arguing but quickly caught myself as Lisa jogged back up to us covering the receiver of her phone.
“Would I be able to get a ride home from one of you?” she asked, thankfully unaware of our previous conversation.

“Of course!” I replied anxiously. “I can take you home. Least I can do! Anytime really!”

A gentle smile came across Lisa’s face as she nodded and then walked away back to her call.

Once she had walked away I realized I had a stupid giant smile stuck on my face. “Subtle me, very subtle…” I thought to myself. Turning as cautiously as I could. Much to my chagrin, Sarah sat staring at me with the largest ‘I told you so’ face she could manage.

“Shut up Sarah….” I replied thoroughly defeated.

We decided to cook the dinner at Sarah’s condo as it had the most room. Her husband and kids were out finishing closing down their old house so it was just the three of us. Sarah’s condo was very different from my small apartment. Two levels, three bedrooms, full amenities, a balcony
overlooking the lake. My sister and her husband had done well for themselves in life and I was somewhat jealous.

Sarah showed me to the kitchen which looked like it could have been from a show home and then grabbed Lisa by the arm. “Let’s go have some girl time while the maestro makes us a work or art!”
The girls left and I began to work preparing the meat. I had just begun cutting the vegetables when I was startled by hysterical laughing in the next room. “Well that doesn’t bode well…” I thought to myself as I wondered just what stories Sarah was telling.

The girls returned arm in arm just as I began to take the roast out of the oven. “Well they’ve gotten chummy rather fast…” I thought to myself as they took their seats at the table.

Lisa looked towards me. She had the sweetest smile on her face. “At least she’s having a good time then.” I thought as a smile crept along my face as well. Her eyes continued to drift towards me until at last we locked. “What does that look mean?” I wondered as her mouth opened a little. The expression lasted only a second though as she couldn’t hold back her giggling any longer. “Ah…” I thought, the thrill of our eyes locking having completely vanished. “Sarah WAS telling her about me then…”

I handed out the servings and then took my seat. The moment of truth had come. Would Lisa like the meal? Did I maybe use too much seasoning? Is it too dry? Maybe I cooked it too long. I hope it’s not too fatty. “Maybe I should sneak a taste to be certain…” I thought to myself looking at my plate. “No! That would be horribly rude! The guests should always get the first taste on a chef’s honor! What would Lisa think of me if I did something so uncivilized?” A piece of my mind broke a little when I realized what I was doing. “What am I thinking!?!?” my thoughts cried out. “What should I care if she loves the meal or not? It’s not like I’m trying to win her heart or something. I mean we’re not like that!”

“Hey bro? Are you… okay?” my sister whispered to me. “You’re chuckling and it’s freaking me out!”

“Eep!” I thought to myself. How could I start laughing without even realizing it? Just how up tight was I right now?

“MM!” I heard Lisa exclaim causing my heart to stop. Looking up I saw Lisa sitting with a look of shock and her fork in her mouth. Was it good shock? Bad shock? My sister and I both leaned forward awaiting her response.

“This is… Amazing!” Lisa exclaimed. “How did you learn to cook like this?”

Never had a sentence sounded so sweet. She liked my cooking. I had no logical explanation for the happiness and pride that I felt and put all of my energy towards making sure I wasn’t smiling too obviously. “Do you eat like this all the time then?” Lisa asked still smiling.

“Well not quite.” I chuckled. She liked it, she really liked it! “It’s just not as much fun cooking for yourself as for others.”

“Well then!” Lisa laughed, “You can cook like this for me whenever you want!”

I laughed in reply, but in my head all I could think was “Don’t go red! Don’t go red! Don’t go red!” I wondered if I should look up. If I did then I might show my hand that I was embarrassed, but if I didn’t it might look suspicious or like I was upset at what Lisa said. I just had to do it subtly.

Carefully I raised my head, willing myself to not draw attention to my actions. Slowly I saw her chin, her smile, and then… Wait! Was she blushing too? No! She couldn’t be. That would be silly after all. These feelings couldn’t be mutual. I mean! There weren’t even any feelings TO be mutual right??

We talked a bit after the meal as Sarah began to pepper Lisa with questions about her family, her schooling, her dreams, and more. The clock thankfully struck 10 before it Sarah began asking about relationships, and we all decided it was time to call it a night.

True to my word I drove Lisa home. The trip was fairly quiet. Several attempts were made to start a conversation but all seemed to fall short. It normally didn’t take any effort to keep a conversation going with Lisa, but it seemed as if we were both on edge after this night. For most the drive Lisa sat deep in thought looking out the car window. Her face was too far turned away to tell if she was smiling or not, but she didn’t seem upset per-say.

Finally we arrived at her house. Her family owned farmland outside of town on which they raised a few animals but mostly vegetables. Putting the car in park, I turned to see Lisa already looking at me.

“I had fun tonight.” She said with a smile.

“Yes! Me too!” I agreed.

Lisa looked at me a little while longer as if there was something she wanted to ask but wasn’t sure if she should. Then, with a slight shake of her head she smiled again and said, “Well, I guess I’ll see you Monday then!”

“Right!” I called out, slightly curious and disappointed that that was all she said. Could I have been looking into things too much?

Lisa stood outside the car for a second before turning to head back in.

“Hey Lisa?” I called out before I could even think of what it was I wanted to ask.

Lisa stopped and then turned towards me. She looked caught off guard but also a little curious. “Yes?” she asked.

“We…” I began. “We should do this again some time.”

Lisa’s mouth opened a little in surprise. Meanwhile in my head I was having a complete melt down. What was I saying? ‘We should do this again sometime!?’ That is totally going to be taken the wrong way! But then again. What’s the right way? GAH! Of course I don’t mean it in that way! I’m being way too familiar with her and I’m totally going to scare her away again!

The corner of Lisa’s mouth turned up into a tiny smirk. “We should!” she called out now in a full smile. Lisa then waved goodbye and ran back up to her house.

I waited until she had closed the door to her house. Falling back in my seat I let out a sigh. Since when did this friendship become so complicated?
Heart Menders Chapter 4
Hey All, 

A while ago I was given a writing challenge to see if I could write a love story from the perspective of the guy instead of the girl. Romance isn't exactly my strongsuit (in life or writing) but the challenge was interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was just going to be a short 2 page story originally but... it's grown a bit since then and people were seeming to enjoy it so I thought I'd start posting it on here as well :) (Smile)

I'm not really certain how long this story will end up, and as I said before romance isn't really my strongsuit so please have patience with me on this :) (Smile) Hope this ends up something people enjoy, or at least can relate to a bit. I know it's been pretty fun for me!

October 10, 2015:
Is This Fair Even Fair?

I got up early to make sure I made it to the fair on time. My sister had never been the most punctual of people so I was surprised to see the group already there by the time I got there.

“Yo! Slowpoke! What took you so long!?” My sister called out from her group of friends. I rolled my eyes. She was the last person to have any right to scold me about punctuality, but I could tell she was in a good mood so I just let it go.

“Chelsea just left to meet her sister at the front gate so they should be here any minute!” my sister continued.

As if given a cue, I heard voices walking towards us. “Chels! I don’t like this! Why are you having meet up with some random guy I don’t even know?”

The voice sounded very familiar, but the mannerisms seemed strange so I couldn’t place it.

“Oh come on Lisa!” Chelsea retorted, “It’s for your own good! Besides! Sarah stakes her life that her brother is a true gentleman! I’m sure you two will get along!”

“Wait a minute!” I thought to myself, “Lisa? No… it couldn’t be!”

I quickly pushed my way past my sister’s group as I had to check. I had almost made it through when my foot caught on a bag which had been left on the ground. I barely managed to catch myself when I heard a high pitched “Eep!” It was official… I had been right.

Raising my head slowly I opened my eyes to see my face several inches away from Lisa Shropvere whose face was trying hard to be redder than mine. Her eyes were wide and what was either sweat or tears had begun to form on her cheeks.

Panicked and confounded I quickly jumped back. What was my sister thinking? How could she have invited me here with Lisa! Would Lisa think this was all my idea? Would she think I knew about this all along? Would this just confirm her suspicions that I was really just some flirty guy trying to take advantage of her? How would I ever face her in school again?

“That’s my brother for you.” My sister groaned scruffing my hair. “As elegant as a deflated balloon.”

My sister’s friends all giggled but Lisa and I both stayed silent trying very hard to avoid eye contact.

Feeling something brush past me I looked up to see my sister reach out her hand to a still very taken aback Lisa. “Hi! I’m Sarah Jacobs!” my sister exclaimed with a giant smile on her face. “I know he may not look it, but my brother is actually quite the sentimental gentleman at heart. Don’t let his awkwardness get to you!”

“My awkwardness?” I thought to myself slightly offended at the diagnoses. Still, I couldn’t deny that Lisa had regained some of her composure at my sister’s joke.

“Alright!” My sister shouted, “Now that we’ve been fully awkward with each other it’s time to go have some fun!”

The fair was actually a lot more fun than I had expected. I had never really been one for roller coasters or thrill rides but there were a number of fun events and interesting shops. Lisa had also warmed up to me a little which was good as she wasn’t a fan of rides herself. Without the stress of being afraid of each other we were even starting to have some fun together.

Lisa had a thing for homemade crafts, and had grown up on a farm making her pretty informative about the farm contests there. This seemed like an entirely different Lisa from the one who had avoided making eye contact with him in class. She was a quick wit, a little mischievous, and actually pretty courageous.

“Rin! Let’s go this way!” Lisa called out to me.

“Just one minute!” I replied, “I just need to pick something…” I stopped mid-sentence as I turned around to see Jenny Finch standing there.

“Oh hey there Rin!” she replied in a happy voice. “What brings you here?”

“Oh, my sister invited me.” I replied. It had been ages since I had seen Jenny and I had always wanted a chance to catch up with her again. “Are you here alone?” I asked.

“Oh no!” Jenny replied, “I’m here with my…”

“Oh there you are!” A deep voice cut Jenny off. A tall broad man walked up putting his arms around Jenny. “Is this a friend of yours Jenn?”

“Oh Ryan!” Jenny cried out. “This is Rin! The friend I told you about who helped me out after Nick!”

“Oh!” Ryan replied reaching his hand out to me. “I really need to thank you then. Jenny told me all about what you did for her. It really meant a lot to her you know.”

“Ah.” I replied blushing a little. “It was nothing really… just what friends do.”
As Jenny and Ryan walked away together I felt a weak smile coming across my face.

“Was that someone you knew?” I heard a voice from behind me ask? I turned around with a start to see Lisa standing behind me with an inquisitive look on her face.

“Ah!” I replied, “Yes, a friend of mine from a while ago. She was going through some hard times at the time, so it was good to see her happy again.”

“I see.” Lisa replied still thinking. “Were you wanting to go talk with her some more?” she asked proddingly.

“Oh no!” I replied quickly. Turning back towards the couple walking off into the distance. “She’s happy now,” I said in a low voice feeling the weak smile return. “That’s all that matters.”
I stood there for a few seconds when I felt something on my arm. “What’s the matter?” I asked as Lisa began pulling me away.

“Come on!” she replied cheerfully. “There’s something I want to show you!”
Lisa led me through the crowds until we reached a large tent. Inside were a number of tables all positioned around a stage which had a TV screen and two mics. “What is this?” I asked confused as Lisa continued tugging me towards the front of the tent.

“It’s a karaoke bar!” she exclaimed. “I saw it earlier and now we’re both going to sing in it!”

“WHAT!?” I cried out. “But… I can’t sing! Seriously! Glass will shatter!”

Lisa turned towards me with a sympathetic smile. “You’ll be fine!” she replied. “Besides, singing is something I like to do when there are too many emotions I can’t get out into words, and I think you need that right now.”

I wanted to retort but somehow I just smiled blushing a little instead as Lisa led me up onto the stage with her. The crowd cheered as she handed me a mic and began scrolling through the collection of songs from the ages. “Ah! This is a good one to start with!” she exclaimed as she made her selection.

I had never been one to sing in public, let alone by myself, but after the first few notes I started to relax and began to find it easier, and even kind of fun. Lisa on the other hand was amazing. She had always been so quiet in class, I never would have expected her to have such an amazing voice on her. She sang with confidence never missing a note. It almost made me feel incompetent next to her, but she kept cheering me on with her smiles. By the time the song had finished the crowd cheered and we both looked at each other and smiled.

As we left the gate that afternoon I bid my farewell to Lisa, my sister, and her friends, and walked back to my car. Starting the engine my mind went back to the look on Lisa’s face as she led me towards the Karaoke bar. Today had been a good day.
Heart Menders Chapter 3
Hey All, 

A while ago I was given a writing challenge to see if I could write a love story from the perspective of the guy instead of the girl. Romance isn't exactly my strongsuit (in life or writing) but the challenge was interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was just going to be a short 2 page story originally but... it's grown a bit since then and people were seeming to enjoy it so I thought I'd start posting it on here as well :) (Smile)

I'm not really certain how long this story will end up, and as I said before romance isn't really my strongsuit so please have patience with me on this :) (Smile) Hope this ends up something people enjoy, or at least can relate to a bit. I know it's been pretty fun for me!

October 9 2015:
The Girl Who Hates Me

The sound of my alarm clock has always been my least favourite thing to wake up to. Unfortunately it also happens to be the only thing that has ever been able to effectively wake me up. Given my cue, with a grunt and a groan I dragged myself out of bed to start my daily routine.
I live off campus in a small bachelor’s apartment. It’s not the fanciest place, but for $700 a month I’m not going to complain. I have internet, a kitchen, peace and quiet, and I’m only a short walk from my campus. All things said I got off pretty well.

Campus was as busy today as per usual. Everyone either studying, talking, heading to class, or a mixture of the three. I was early to class as usual. Not really the worst thing to be. I’d rather be early than late, and it’s not like there’s much to do between classes anyways.

The only person in the room was Lisa Shropvere, a second year student who was taking some advanced classes to work ahead. She was quiet, petite, studious, and above all else, hated me.

It was my own fault really. When she first joined our class the previous term I had tried to get to know her too fast. One of the downsides to being quick to pick up on people’s feelings and worries is it’s fairly tricky to know how fast or slow you should start friendships. Since I’ve always felt familiar with people the moment I’ve met them, I’ve been known to scare away shyer people from time to time.

Lisa looked at me as I entered the room but wasted no time burying her nose back into her textbook. This had been the usual pattern with her. When I entered a room she’d be ready to leave. When we passed in the hall she would look the other way. If I waved hello she would smile and wave back to be polite but run past before I could say anything. It was just another potential friendship that I blundered up. Yet somehow it always bit deep with me. I’ve always hated hurting people, but the thought of hurting someone who seemed so nice and sweet always bugged me the most.

Sitting down at my desk, I waited as the others entered the room in their usual groups and class began.

“Today I want you all to find your groups for the semester long final project.” Mr Matawoski told our class. “I want to remind you that this project is worth 50% of your final grade and is far too large for any one person to take on alone. Therefore I want you all to form groups of at LEAST two members and no more than five!”

Being given permission, everyone in the class began moving around asking people to be in their groups. As was usual for me, I decided to wait and see who would be left over when everyone had finished deciding. There was no one who I wanted to be in a group with in particular, and even if I wasn’t any genius I at least pulled my own weight enough as to not be a burden for anyone, so I always figured this to be the best system for me. As the commotion of the class began to die down, I took my cue and stood up to see which groups still needed members.

Luck was not with me this day. How everyone in my class had managed to find exactly five group members each was beyond me. They must have all met in the library earlier to discuss it. I never liked going in the library as it was usually crowded and noisy. As I wasn’t quite a part of the party scene I always felt like I didn’t belong with that crowd.

The bell rang and I accepted my fate. I would just have to tell the Matawoski that there were no partners left. There was no way he could have foreseen this happening… maybe he could give an adjustment to the assignment, or at least let me try and take it on by myself.

“I’m afraid working alone just won’t do.” Mr Matawoski replied as I tried to explain my situation. “This assignment is far too large for one person to take on alone, and if I gave any special exceptions in your case you would miss out on the entire purpose of the project!”

I felt my hands growing cold. This was not going as well as I had expected.

“Luckily for you!” Matawoski continued, “You are NOT the only one left!”

Matawoski was interrupted as Lisa Shropvere ran back into the room. “Mr Matawoski!” she cried. “I couldn’t find anyone who would…”

Lisa cut off short as she saw me standing in front of the table. Her cheeks went red as she quickly looked away to avoid eye contact in her usual awkward manner.

“Ah good timing!” Mr Matawoski exclaimed to Lisa. “Ms. Shropvere? You and Mr Jacobs will now be working on your final project together this term. I expect great things from you two.”

My luck continued to fade away. I would be locked in on a four month assignment with a girl who was scared to death of me. What must she be thinking! Does she think I arranged this to take advantage of her? Will she ask Mr Matawoski to be transferred out? How will I even be able to work alone with her without spooking her more?

Panicked thoughts were racing through my head as I turned towards Lisa who was looking just as frazzled as I was. Our eyes locked for a brief second when we both gasped and looked away red in the face. This was going to be a long term…

Lisa sat across from me at the table in the cafeteria, looking everywhere but at me. “This isn’t good…” was all I could think… I just wanted to get this project over with before she hated me even more, but how would we ever finish anything like this? I tried to keep my eyes looking towards her but not at her in order to make her feel less awkward. “So did you have any ideas as to what you wanted for the assignment?” I asked as kindly as I could.

The assignment was to create a simple cell app by the end of the semester. It would be graded on how well it was written, how well it looked, how easy it was to use, as well as how practical the idea was. We were already at a bit of a disadvantage being a two person team as opposed to a team of five. Not to mention artistic ability was hardly my gift. Still the assignment seemed challenging and interesting. My fears of making Lisa hate me forever aside, I was actually fairly excited for it.

Lisa gave a slight shrug as she nervously looked off to the side. She had begun wringing her hands she was so nervous. We were getting nowhere with this. I let out a sigh as quietly as I could.
“Well it’s the end of the day on a Friday anyways.” I replied trying to sound chipper. “What if we take the weekend to think it through and then we meet again on Monday?”

Lisa nodded and then began to pack away her books. This tension between us was killing me. I wasn’t a bad person. I really didn’t want to ever hurt anyone. Why did she feel this way about me??

“Hey Lisa?” I started. Lisa quickly looked up to me and for the first time our eyes met. I had never noticed what a deep colour her eyes were before, it almost felt as if I were looking into her very soul. “N-n-nothing…” I stammered as I came to enough to realize how nervous she looked.

Lisa picked up her book bag and left the cafeteria. I had wanted to say I was sorry. That I didn’t want her to feel nervous around me. That I really just wanted to be friends with her and be there for her like I was for everyone else. That I didn’t want to go home feeling like she still held something against me. But as she looked in my eyes for the first time, I just couldn’t… something inside me felt as if telling her that now would just make matters worse.

“Ugh.” I groaned whacking my head off the desk. My life would be much simpler if my brain stopped working.

By the time I came home I was exhausted. As my phone rang, I was half tempted to ignore it. As I saw it was my sister calling I was 95% tempted to not answer it. Thinking better of my selfish thoughts, I took a deep breath and picked up the receiver.

“BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” my sister’s voice cried out over the receiver. “I have the offer of a lifetime that you can NOT refuse!”

My sister was four years older than me and we were about as opposite in personalities as could be possible. My sister was an energetic, go getter, world traveler. She had graduated top of her class in PR several years before and now travelled the world for a well-paying company. She rarely contacted me as she was usually pretty busy, but when she did it usually involved me getting pulled into some level of chaos or another.

“There’s a fair going on near your place this weekend so I will be there with my friends. And YOU my dear little bro have just received a free ticket, courtesy of the kindest big sister that ever walked this earth!”

“A fair?” I replied surprised. I looked around my books on the table. Admittedly I could use the break from studying, but there was something I wanted to check first.

“What’s the catch?” I asked in a monotone voice. I had been pulled into enough of my older sister’s schemes to realize that if something seemed too good to be true, it probably was.

“Catch!?” My sister cried out indignantly. “I am offended!” There was a pause on the phone as my sister was most likely waiting for me to apologize. “One of my friends will be bringing her siiiiisteeeer.” My sister attempted to tempt me. “I hear she’s really sweeeeeeet. A real go getter! Super fun, artsy, I think you two would really get along!”

I let out a heavy sigh making sure my sister couldn’t hear. There was once again silence on the phone as my sister awaited me to reply.

“Come on bro please? I already bought your ticket… and told my friend I’d bring someone to hang out with her sister. It won’t be fun for her to be there by herself. You’re a sympathetic guy aren’t you? You don’t think a young girl is going to have fun with a bunch of oldies like us do you?”

Letting out another sigh, I knew there was no way I was getting out of this. “Fine, I’ll come.” I replied too exhausted to argue any longer.

“Oh! Thank you Bro! You will NOT regret this! We’ll make sure you two have the time of your life!”

My sister hung up the phone after giving me the details of where and when to meet. I shuddered a little at the thought of my sister and her friends making sure we had ‘the time of our lives’ but, what was done was done. Flopping back onto my bed I stared up at my ceiling too tired to move. Maybe I should just accept it. Maybe my sister was right and it would be a lot of fun. She was rash and unpredictable but she always did have my best interests in mind in her own wild way.

Rolling over onto my side I decided I’d just give tomorrow my very best. After all, what could be the worst that could happen?
Heart Menders Chapter 2
Hey All, 

A while ago I was given a writing challenge to see if I could write a love story from the perspective of the guy instead of the girl. Romance isn't exactly my strongsuit (in life or writing) but the challenge was interesting so I thought I'd give it a shot. It was just going to be a short 2 page story originally but... it's grown a bit since then and people were seeming to enjoy it so I thought I'd start posting it on here as well :) (Smile)

I'm not really certain how long this story will end up, and as I said before romance isn't really my strongsuit so please have patience with me on this :) (Smile) Hope this ends up something people enjoy, or at least can relate to a bit. I know it's been pretty fun for me!

Hey all. This is probably a bad idea for me but... inspired by... something I've been working on, I noticed that there's a lack of places where people can just share their unique super hero stories. Sort of an online comic/novel collection of sorts.

And thus! Let me introduce to you, Meta Lit!

Meta Lit is a place for super hero writers, or artists to come together and feature their ongoing super hero stories. The plan is to give each story their own folder where they can add their entries as their original stories grow. The goal is to one day have a sort of collective library of super hero literature and comics which visitors can browse at their leisure.

I'm not going to lie, I don't have an incredibly good grasp on group managing and what I'm doing here, so any advice from those of you who do manage groups would be GREATLY appreciated!

I want to keep this as a pretty open concept group but for the sake of keeping things running smoothly I do have some rules for it.

1. This is a SUPER HERO literature group. I, like any other geeky person, fully accept that one can be a super hero without powers, but at the same time I would like stories submitted to the group to keep a relative focus on the super hero genre :) For instance, though I appreciate that batman without powers is very much a super hero series, I would argue star wars in spite HAVING "super powers" is not so much. (It's easier to realize than explain... ask if you're confused)

2. Please add to the community! This one is pretty much a no brainer. Basically we need to critique in order to grow, but always be supportive and encouraging in your comments and interactions! Let's try to keep this as drama free as we can here!

3. Let's keep things relatively censored... for my sake? I'm not saying this to impose my morals upon those around me but... more to help make this a safe and drama free community... as well as to avoid content flags... that would be nice. I realize that super hero stories can get dark or violent but, if we could keep things under the PG-13 bar whenever we can I would reaaaaaally appreciate it!

4. Have fun! Any further questions just ask!

Anyways, I'm not sure how this will work, or IF this will work but... I just noticed a community in deviant art that didn't seem to have a place to hang their capes and thought I'd do what I could to help fill that void :) Keep writing!



When in doubt, make it up!
What is Macattack Productions?? Well sometimes it just goes by Macattack, others just by Mac. Why exactly?? To tell you honestly it's the name I've used online since 1994 and I've never really thought to question it! Essentially I'm someone who loves people, loves a good story, and loves learning about this world. Not the greatest artist but I'm growing quickly and I'm always willing to give it my best! Feel free to leave a comment!

Current Residence: Canada
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