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Hey all. This is probably a bad idea for me but... inspired by... something I've been working on, I noticed that there's a lack of places where people can just share their unique super hero stories. Sort of an online comic/novel collection of sorts.

And thus! Let me introduce to you, Meta Lit!

Meta Lit is a place for super hero writers, or artists to come together and feature their ongoing super hero stories. The plan is to give each story their own folder where they can add their entries as their original stories grow. The goal is to one day have a sort of collective library of super hero literature and comics which visitors can browse at their leisure.

I'm not going to lie, I don't have an incredibly good grasp on group managing and what I'm doing here, so any advice from those of you who do manage groups would be GREATLY appreciated!

I want to keep this as a pretty open concept group but for the sake of keeping things running smoothly I do have some rules for it.

1. This is a SUPER HERO literature group. I, like any other geeky person, fully accept that one can be a super hero without powers, but at the same time I would like stories submitted to the group to keep a relative focus on the super hero genre :) For instance, though I appreciate that batman without powers is very much a super hero series, I would argue star wars in spite HAVING "super powers" is not so much. (It's easier to realize than explain... ask if you're confused)

2. Please add to the community! This one is pretty much a no brainer. Basically we need to critique in order to grow, but always be supportive and encouraging in your comments and interactions! Let's try to keep this as drama free as we can here!

3. Let's keep things relatively censored... for my sake? I'm not saying this to impose my morals upon those around me but... more to help make this a safe and drama free community... as well as to avoid content flags... that would be nice. I realize that super hero stories can get dark or violent but, if we could keep things under the PG-13 bar whenever we can I would reaaaaaally appreciate it!

4. Have fun! Any further questions just ask!

Anyways, I'm not sure how this will work, or IF this will work but... I just noticed a community in deviant art that didn't seem to have a place to hang their capes and thought I'd do what I could to help fill that void :) Keep writing!



When in doubt, make it up!
What is Macattack Productions?? Well sometimes it just goes by Macattack, others just by Mac. Why exactly?? To tell you honestly it's the name I've used online since 1994 and I've never really thought to question it! Essentially I'm someone who loves people, loves a good story, and loves learning about this world. Not the greatest artist but I'm growing quickly and I'm always willing to give it my best! Feel free to leave a comment!

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